Sunday, April 13, 2008


The past few weeks have been fun. Me and Tracy went to the Zoo in DC, went for a backcountry climbing trip overnight at Old Rag, VA, and just yesterday I went to Seneca Rocks with my friend Steve. My finger has been holding up and I think my plan of staying away from pulling plastic has been good one. Now if i only could gain the simian strength of those orangutans and gorillas i would be set. All jokes aside, you should have seen the muscles on those apes. The silverback's shoulder muscles were the size of dinner plates, his back was the size of a small dinner table, and his forearms were, no shit, the size of my thighs. That's frikin strooooonnnnggg! While at Old Rag i managed to onsight this 5.11 called Sunset Crack and few other easier routes. I even found this great crack trainer boulder problem less than 100 feet away from the shelter we camped in. Next time i get up there i'm gonna have to give that line a go and see how it feels. Looks like pretty good locks but really steep with a tricky mantle top out. I had a great day at Seneca yesterday onsighting 8 routes up to 12a. It felt good pluggin gear and getting off the deck. Oh, I almost forgot but i got some really great news yesterday that i will mention in few weeks. All i can say is that its really exciting and a great thing.

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