Saturday, June 28, 2008


I just got the pictures that Steve took from our Colorado climbing trip and wanted to put a few more up. Check out the crux pitch of Medicine Man. Steve shot pictures of me trying to follow his lead. Man, i'll have to try that one again some time.

Also, I just got back from the New River Gorge where i spent an amazing, rain free, 8 days with my girlfriend, now fiance (more on that later) and my dog.

On the first day I asked Tracy to marry me by hanging a note and a ring at the anchor of a climb that i led. I thought it felt kind of hard for 5.9 so as I was climbing it I asked her "are you sure you've done this one before?" and she responded curtly, with a "Yes, i have!", relaying a tone as to say what do you think i'm not good enough to get up this. I just wanted to make sure babe. So as she followed up the route and neared the top, I waited and watched for a sign that she saw the note and ring. Everything worked out perfectly. The sun emerged from the clouds, the wind sat idle for a few minutes, and the only sound audible was the lulling of the waves breaking on the shore from Summersville Lake, as she made her way to the anchor. Finally, I heard her laugh and all the tension that seemed to swell in my throat in a matter of a few minutes vanished. She turned around and said yes with her huge glowing smile and in that minute i knew that my life I had began to merge on a new path, a path in which I've envisioned for years but couldn't quite find until recently. Life feels so new and invigorating to me now. Instead of just me on this wild path, I now have my lover, my best friend, my emerging clan with me. It's hard for me to admit this because i've always prided myself on being a "lone wolf' so to speak, but I've come to realize that there is great comfort in knowing that i'll never be alone again.

So that was the main priority of my trip to the New, but we also climbed a whole lot, made killer gourmet meals at camp, played Catch Phrase, and hung out with old and new friends around the camp fire. By the end of the trip I had climbed my hardest sport climb to date and felt strong enough to onsight a classic trad climb called Agent Orange. I planned on taking pictures but I forgot to charge my camera's battery. Doh!