Saturday, January 1, 2011

Goals for 2011

Everyone does it and I'm no exception, so here are my goals for 2011:

1) Be a better husband and father- learning how to become a better person is integral to this process. Obviously, this is a life-long pursuit that takes loads of patience, self awareness, reflection, and redirection. Regardless, I want to be better for my family.

2) Climb as much as possible- 2010 was a tough year as far as climbing goes. Injury and baby rearing slow down the pace of climbing like a rear-wheel drive diesel truck with no weight in the back trying to claw its way up an icy, snowy hill. Anyhow, climbing is a lifestyle for me and a life-long pursuit, that like a junkie who doesn't get his fix, makes me feel ill when I don't get to climb or push my boundaries on a regular basis. So in that spirit I plan on getting after it in 2011 learning how to balance family, work, and play like never before.
  • 500 pitches
  • 50 new 5.12s
  • 10 new 5.13s
  • 5 new Grade IV/V
  • Onsight 5.12 trad

3) Start trail running consistently- Last year was the first year that i ran somewhat regularly. It started as a way to try to get back into shape following my injury but developed into more of a passion. Unfortunately, I let life get in the way of keeping up with it and this year I plan on not letting that happen. Running began to feel meditative for me and god knows I need that silencing of my mind and time of reflection. So 2011 will be the year I make like Forest Gump and "gooo runnning".

  • Average 20 miles a week
  • Start making my longer runs in the 13-15 mile range instead of the 8-10 mile range
  • Run a trail marathon on Potomac Heritage Trail with Gina
  • Finish the Gristmill Grinder in 1:40 or less

4) Work on my House- My house has a never-ending slew of projects that need tending to. So like last year, I need to make time to get some of them done. This will be tough being that I have goals to increase and improve my climbing and running, all the while juggling family duties and work. Nevertheless, house be warned your will be getting a facelift.
  • Pressure wash the outside of my house
  • Replace outside gutters and cocking
  • Refurbish stairs
  • Make threshholds for upstairs doorways
  • Living room make over
  • Get electric in my garage