Thursday, November 20, 2008


Looking into Tara Canyon Montenegro

Hiking in Durmitor National Park, Montenegro
Durmitor Ski resort

Look closely, I took these pictures one morning to capture the massive crow invasion that wakes us up every morning. I swear there are literally thousands.

Drinking beer, hiking, and cow roaming wild-yup, that's Montenegro

This one's for you Andrea. A local meat shop where they hang the animal in the window and drain the blood out. UMM YUMMY!
Prizren- an old Ottoman city
Last weekend me and Tracy rented a car and drove over the mountain into Montenegro. We didn't have any real plan but just went exploring. We had hopes of finding this place Durmitor National Park but one thing I've learned living in this part of the world is to not expect finding a place when you can't speak the language, read the road signs, and have never been there before. Lucky for us we found Durmitor but not without nearly driving out of the country into Serbia. Here are some pictures from our trip. The video is funny as hell and a perfect example of how boredom can seriously affect a person.


Emil Raev said...

I don't get it ... how can you be bored when you have so many different countries nearby and a few 10 000 ft peaks you can do on a weekend. I understand life is harder and things that are common here are a luxury in Kosova but bear in mind that millions of people live in these conditions and there is a chance they spent all their life like that. You will be there for just a short period and I think you have a great opportunity learn the language /traditions and visit places.

Munky said...

Yea I know the travel opportunity is great and so is the chance to really learn a different culture and connect with new friends who I otherwise would not probably meet. BUT, man its really hard Monday through Friday for me. Even though I work most of the day, I still need that mental release that Great Falls, or the climbing gym, or bike trail, or even a short walk with my dog along the Potomac gave me. Here, nothing. And, although on weeeknds there are lots of opportunities to get into the mountains, its way harder to get there and find out where the trails are or, if there are even any, or if there are landmines there, or how do I arrange a taxi to pick us up, or does the bus even go to that city? Logistics are a real pain in the ass! So much so that it takes alot of the fun out of it. I trying to relax about things and just accept how things are here. But man there are days that I feel like a junkie who hasn't gotten his fix.

Emil Raev said...

Well, I agree that your weekdays cannot be that much fun but if you can make it to Sofia (Bulgaria's capital) I could organize you a trip to the highest peak on the Balkans( or if you want something harder ...(

Travelin' Tracy said...

Emil, we are planning a trip to Bulgaria for the first weekend in December. One of our coworkers that has a car has invited us (I think) and hopefully that means we will be skiing. I am excited to go there too. So if it all works out, then I will definitely let you know.

Hey, take it easy on Joe. It's not so much the cultural things that are fact, that is what I like learning about most. I think Joe is having a tough time with his administrator in the high school. Plus the complications of the high school and with no outside release...he is just not a city fan. We know that now. In fact, I think it might have been a different story if we were in a smaller town in Kosova. You know? And how come you never comment on my blog? Aren't you my friend too? :)

Emil Raev said...

Hehe, I did write on your blog a couple times and I really enjoy reading it ;) I just couldnt believe that a tough guy like Joe would give up on all the mountains in the region. Just look at my photos and tell me isnt it worth the five days of boredom. I do not think you should take your job very seriously because I know that you get hardly any support from the admins or parents but thats how it is over there.

AMY_BELL - said...

I'm still not sure I understand how you and Tracy complain so much. By the looks of all your pictures there is a ton of cool places to see and things to do. Plus, Tracy said there was no parks nearby but didn't you just finish a post saying you went to the national park and hiked with Sami? just need to find some new hobbies and take advantage of the awesome adventure you have and embrace it. Stop complaining and enjoy it. Not very many people get the kind of experiences you and Tracy get. I'm not trying to sound rude and if I do I'm sorry. I just wish you could appreciate all the awesome things you are getting to do!

AMY_BELL - said...

Emil Raev...I love your comments and I totally agree with you. Joe, I love you but the investment of time and boredom will pay off huge for you if you can just stick it out for the whole school year. Tracy told me how much money you guys could save if you stay and I think that is well worth it. I've had crappy jobs that were painful to go to and I quit but I also never had the kind of pay off in the end waiting for me. If I did, I would've stayed with them longer. You're a tough guy, you can deal with it. Find a new hobby to get your mental release. You don't like reading or working out...maybe crocheting or knitting might help :)

qendrim said...

Its was pleasure for me to have one teacher like u.
You was the best teacher after Dj Ben Morris :P:P hahaha
You are the best and i hope that in future i will seeee you one more time because u impress me...
With respect and love your student
Qendrim Rama