Friday, November 7, 2008

Craziness in Macedonia and at home

My new do. Notice the facial growth -1 week so far, only 6.5 more to go. I love how it grows in like Joe Dirt, all redneck like.

Blues brotha

Standing among legends-city murals in Skopje, Macedonia

Some cows shared the path with us on route from Matka Canyon to Skopje

Umm! Doh!nuts

This bear is locked in this cage the size of Uhaul truck. Oh, and the cage is right next to the playground. I'm suprised a kid hasn't reached into the cage yet and gotten mauled.

Hanging at a local Kulla-a traditonal "hangout" for local men to discuss issues

Here are a few pictures we took on a trip to Skopje, Macedonia. I was a concentration camp victim for Halloween, hence the shaved head. No, not really-just a rash decision because I was hot and annoyed with hair curling around my ears. One more thing... Tracy has always wanted me to grow a beard but I always end of shaving after a week or so because it starts to annoy me. In fact the longest I've ever gone without shaving was 3 weeks one summer ago. We have a bet going between the two of us in which if I win-I WIN BIG TIME!!! So, I'm determined to win. All I have to do is not shave until we return to the states on Dec. 21. So, I'll post a picture of me to evaluate the grizz-factor every couple of weeks. Just wait, I'll return to the states like a Pakistani terrorist but a great reward awaits me.


AMY_BELL - said...

What's your reward if you win the bet? And how come you made my sister row that boat, that's the man's job. Lastly, what's the craziness at home?

Munky said...

The reward was too private to reveal. Let's just say things were going to be too good to be true. Unfortunately, I shaved 2 days after that picture. I couldn't handle the grizz factor. Now I look like a 14 year old pubescent middle school boy. I rowed the entire way to the island and back but she wanted to row. So once we returned to the shore we switched positions and I turned on the camera to capture this moeement knowing it would be funny. She thought it would be fun to row and that she would do a better job than me (since I was pretty awful at it she wanted to prove that she was better. They said it was easy- Yea right! There is some serious technique to it) The craziness I speak of, and you ask of, is way too much to put into words but it revolves around cows walking onto highways, cigarette smoke intoxicating our bathroom, the constant poop stain on our toilet, not a decent burger, fajita, or bagel to be had in a hundred miles, no wheels which equals claustrophobia times 1 million, no real park, or trails, or even green area which depresses more than I can explain, a school in which you are constantly battling an immense cultural divide which makes your job, and life, way harder than you can imagine, yada, yada, yada...

I need to check your blog and see how things are going for the single girl with a new job.

Emil Raev said...

I cannot believe you are giving up in just 4 months ...

Munky said...

Man... I swear I'm trying to stick it out but I'm losing my sanity in the process.