Saturday, December 22, 2007

I was in Hueco this time last year

Last year at this time I was planning a trip to Hueco Tanks, TX for 7 days of climbing with friends. This year because of money constraints and injuries I'm not going. Instead, I'm going to split my time this holiday season between family, friends, and my girlfriend. This is something I haven't been too good at in the past. You see, I'm one of those weirdos who actually enjoy spending time alone by myself. Its not that I don't like hanging out with others, but more that I actually need the time by myself to collect myself, reflect, and gather focus and direction for the future. As I get older I feel that I'm getting better at this and am actually finding some balance. Here are some pictures from last year's Hueco Trip. Deren ripped it up sending his first V9, Glass Ass Crack. Erin and Megan climbed hard and didn't complain too much about the cold and lack of civilized comforts. Scotty cranked hard despite not climbing too much before the trip. Fred was the group photographer and even managed to climb a few problems. Keep at it Fred, I see tenacity in your heart and that's the greatest skill a climber can have. And I managed to climb every day and by the end of the trip was only bleeding from three finger tips. Can you imagine that?

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