Sunday, December 16, 2007

Bodhi- my partner in crime

"Who's a good boy?"
"What did you hear?"
This is Bodhi, my dog. Anybody who is a dog owner knows what a major responsibility they can be. But they also know the joy and companionship they bring. Bodhi is my partner in crime. He is five years old and for the last five years he has been on many of my climing and backpacking trips with me. He is the most loving dog ever. I sometimes wonder if he likes humans more than other dogs. He loves to greet people with a big old hug. I can't wait to go out for an overnighter in the Shenandoahs with Bodhi this weekend. Like me, Bodhi is most alive out in the mountains.


Travelin' Tracy said...

Sometimes I wonder who gets more love me or are truly Bodhi's best friend. Can I be his second best friend?

Scott Gross said...

Did you ever see that photo on my blog of Bodhi? It's a good'un.

AMY_BELL - said...

What does Bodhi do when you're on a climb...just hang out and wait at the bottom?