Sunday, October 12, 2008


Local Church
Paul McCartney ate at the same restaurant we ate at. Now I know why it cost us 50Euros for lunch.
Sheep outside our apartment in the morning
Local barn in the Julian Alps
Typical Slovenian house
Who's that ugly dude on the right?

I had to row across Bled lake to get to the Church. Unfortunately, unlike this guy, I had no clue what i was doing.
I did a little painting of Bled lake while I was there. Here is what it looks like.
My new Slav friends. They were transported to the future from the neolithic era to teach us how to live.

These are paintings by Ejti Stih, a popular Slovenian artist.

Triglav National Park-the Julian Alps meet the border of the Italian Alps on the west and the Austrian Alps in the North.
6th Century Castle overlooking Bled
Possibly the coolest Hotel I've ever seen. I loved the vegetation growing all over the building.
Ducks doing there thang in Bled Lake
This is the church we out rowed to.

Here are a few pictures from our 4 days in Slovenia. It costs us way too much but after all we are here to travel and we better get after it while we can. I can't wait to get back there. Now that we know a little more about the area we can plan to stay longer and not spend as much money Also we have a better idea about things to do there that will be fun. For example if we go back in the summer, I'm going to take Tracy on a real backpacking trip. All of the camping we have done has always been car camping, or setting up a basecamp at an AMC shelter and then climbing. In Triglav National Park in Slovenia, you need to hike at least 15km to get into the high peaks and once up in Apinewonderland you can bag peaks along the ridge all of the way back to Bled. Also, there is a lot of sport climbing in Slovenia. Because of my f-ed up finger I wasn't able to really climb so hopefully this summer I'll be back to normal and be able to sample European limestone (or slimestone, if you're a sandstone, granite, and gneiss snob like me). Anyways peep the photos for some of the highlights of our trip. Also, you can check Tracy's blog (she much better at updating her blogerito) for her take on the trip.

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