Tuesday, August 26, 2008


August 16th, 2008 is a date I will never forget. On that beautiful Saturday I was married to Tracy. After loads of planning (thanks mostly to Tracy) and tons of preparation by both Tracy and I, our families, and friends, we turned Rick and Paige Peck’s estate into the perfect venue for our wedding. Most of our closest relatives and friends were able to join in our celebration and the only real disappointment was not having my friend’s band play but we managed fine anyhow. It was great catching up with family members and friends who I had not seen or talked to in awhile. It made me realize how special those people are and how truly horrible I am at keeping in touch. Now being in Prishtina is only going to make things harder but I plan on trying to do a better job and when we return to the States to make up for lost time.
So, I really wasn’t nervous in the days leading up to Saturday but once I started driving to the farm I started to really feel it. I’m not sure if it was the coffee I drank in the morning with Bill, or just the magnitude of the day, probably both, but I sure was damn nervous driving there, even more nervous while getting ready, and absolutely sweating bullets walking up to the “alter” with our family and friends watching on. Even though I knew Tracy would say “I do”, I swear I nearly passed out from the anxiety that I felt while Bishop Andrus was reading Tracy her vows.
Anyways its all over now. So do I feel any different now that I’m a married man? Not really! Life is pretty much the same as always, except for the fact that I’m now living a foreign country thousands of miles from the USA where most people don’t even know a lick of English. More on that later. Peep the photos from the wedding.

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